There was a video that populated the internet a couple of weeks ago. It showed Bill Gates on the David Letterman show explaining “the big new thing.” This is what struck me. Letterman asks, “what do I need?” And it’s a question many are asking today. So many new things are popping up, and today, it’s absurd to even think that people had no idea what homepages meant.

History should not repeat itself. Apparently, he who laughs last laughs best. Bill is really laughing today. Don’t be the person who makes fun of the possibility of things without actually…

Four Ways to Save Time And Money By Using Figma

Figma is a browser-based UI and UX design application, with excellent design, prototyping, and code-generation tools. We can say it is currently the industry’s leading interface design tool, with robust features that support teams working on every phase of the design process.

Do you have problems communicating in the office with colleagues and collaborating on projects? Finding it difficult to sort out files because of information scattered all over the place after meetings and brainstorming sessions? Have your clients been on your neck about deleting their files after a project? What about managing timelines for yours & the client’s team? Have you lost track of changes to design or development because the feedback was scattered across various tools? Well, weep no more! We found a way to make these problems all go away with Basecamp. …

[Getting Traction for your Tech Startup: The Benefits of Progressive Web Apps]

Having to launch a new product comes with many challenges. After several days, months or years working on it, you’re nervous & excited simultaneously about rolling it out. Several questions run through your mind. Will the launch be successful? Will people rush for my product? Will all the effort put in be worth it?

It’s possible to have some of the answers to these questions be YES! You can do that with a strategy for gaining traction.

Why have a strategy for gaining traction?

In business and startup terms, “traction refers to the progress of a startup company having a measurable set of users or customers that…

We often hear people talk about branding when it comes to business and products, but what is branding and how does it affect the outlook of your business or product?

Branding in simple terms means a marketing practice where a company creates a name, symbol, or design that can be easily identifiable to belong to the company. This can be a very challenging and important phase for business owners as it will define you and your company going forward and customers are going to use your brand to distinguish you from your competition. …

Breaking Down UI/UX Design & Its Role In Increasing Business Revenue

We had a conversation with one of our resident UI/UX Designers about what UI/UX is, the misconceptions around it, and the benefits it brings to businesses. Kweku ‘Li’ Diaw, a Digital Marketing Executive conducted the interview.


‘There is no shame in not knowing something. The shame is in not being willing to learn.’

- Alison Croggon

It’s Complicated

We define ourselves as a digital product agency. For most people, it raises brows and causes confusion. Digital they know, products they know, but the two together? What at all could that mean? “Does it mean you build TV Apps, mobile apps, social media apps? What exactly do you guys do?” A question we’re almost becoming used to.

To help all of us (you and us), we shed some light on what a digital product agency is. Hang…

We wrapped up our #30DaysRemote experiment last week Friday. We officially started our remote working experience on Wednesday, 18th March 2020, beating most businesses to it before the official lockdown forced them into it.

It’s been an interesting experience which we have shared with you along the way. We spoke about the transition here. We also highlighted how to work productively, achieve effective work, what a remote business means and had our CEO, HR & Admin also share their lessons with you. Fortunately for us, we got some good press during this sharing period.

We got the opportunity to join…

This article is a continuation and final part of our two-part series, sharing the experiences of our CEO, HR and Admin on working remotely. Read part one here.

Emelia Djanie, Melissa Kumah (From L to R)


  • Sena Amevor: Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Melissa Kumah: Human Resource Lead (HR)
  • Emelia Djanie: Administrative Executive (Admin)

What are some of the lessons that you have learnt from this experiment that you would want to share with others?

Emelia: Work is evolving. It’s changing from its traditional way of doing things. I believe that after this pandemic, a lot will change about work irrespective of your department or role…

As a digital product agency, our work allows us to easily work from anywhere. Hence it took us very little time to switch to working remotely since the Covid-19 hit.

We started our #30DaysRemote campaign to share with other businesses how we are progressing with remote work over the 30-day experimental period.

Today, we had a conversation with some of our leaders: the CEO, HR and Admin. To understand how working remotely is disrupting their work and how they’re keeping up with managing the entire team.

Emelia Djanie and Melissa Kumah (From L to R)


  • Sena Amevor: Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Melissa Kumah: Human Resource Lead…

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