QodeHub as a Digital Product Agency — What on earth does that mean?

‘There is no shame in not knowing something. The shame is in not being willing to learn.’

- Alison Croggon

It’s Complicated

We define ourselves as a digital product agency. For most people, it raises brows and causes confusion. Digital they know, products they know, but the two together? What at all could that mean? “Does it mean you build TV Apps, mobile apps, social media apps? What exactly do you guys do?” A question we’re almost becoming used to.

To help all of us (you and us), we shed some light on what a digital product agency is. Hang around for a few minutes and we promise you’ll leave a term and concept richer than you came. Let’s dig in now, shall we?

What is a Digital Product Agency?

It is an entity that delivers services in multiple disciplines primarily in aspects such as design, business strategy, branding, and product development.

These services are executed and delivered in an end-to-end fashion; strategizing and creating content, designing, and finally, development. The purpose of a digital product agency is to guide large enterprises, startups or medium-scale businesses towards business growth with digital solutions.

Let’s explain with something you’re familiar with…

A digital product agency operates on the same principles as shopping malls. Shopping malls have different stores offering unique products and services all in one place. You can easily furnish your house or achieve any other goal by walking through a shopping mall. For furnishing your house, you can start from the furniture store to the decorative pieces, flowers, etc. You can get everything you need from this one place.

When we say we’re a digital product agency, that’s what we mean. We have the technical skills under one roof to help you achieve your digital goals. We have brand strategists & graphic designers working on your brand. UI/UX designers tackling the user experience and interfaces for your websites and apps. Then website designers who build custom websites that fit your unique business needs. Also, web/mobile developers who build web, Android & iOS apps tailored to solve the problems your business has. All these departments receive support from the content and digital marketing team who create content that sounds like you and makes your customers feel you’re speaking to each of them individually.

Why did QodeHub choose to be a digital product agency?

Well, we have been around in the digital space collectively for at least 35 years (haha we added up everyone’s work experience; the company has been around for just two years). We’ve seen how the quality of digital solutions built for businesses has suffered over the years. We want that to change. We want businesses to build websites and apps that built to fit the individual needs the business has and not clones from a theme or template.

We don’t want to give the restaurant, fashion designer, telecom giant, or the financial institution the same products with distinct colors. We want to build something custom and unique that matches the business’s promise to their beloved customers. Consumers have changed over the years, they have more options now. The better your solution serves them, the more time they spend with you. We want the businesses we work with to have that allure for their intended customers.

So why choose QodeHub over a software or website company?

We are end-to-end.

Your product doesn’t get technical input from only developers or designers. Your product gets wholesome input from content to design to development and quality assurance. We focus on your business and what it needs to achieve as opposed to the cool thing you want because your competitor has one.

We build products vertically and not horizontally.

What this means is that you don’t wait for 7 months to see an app we’re building for you. Our in-house process allows us to work on features and ship them one after the other. So we pick one feature and work on it as a team, test it and then ship it before moving to the next. Meaning you get to see your app in different stages until we build the complete thing.

We are not cheap.

I’m sure you’re wondering why this is the reason you should choose us. We’re not in a hurry to get your money, do something for you and kick you out the door. We’re looking to partner with businesses and grow with you. And that means we can’t do any haphazard thing just to get you off our shoulders. And because quality takes time and time is money, you get the best quality at the best rates.

So if my boss wants a simple list, what do I give him?

We do:

I hope we’ve answered all your pressing questions about what we do? If you have more questions, let’s hear them in the comments and we’ll answer you.

Written By: Enam Ami Agbozo (Content & Digital Marketing Team Lead) & Kweku Li Diaw (Social Media Executive, NSP)



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