Interning at QodeHub — Our Intern Stories & Experiences

We caught up with a few of our interns from previous years and engaged them about their experience interning with us.

Kweku Li Diaw, Ewurafua Plange, Pride Mhango & Richmond Appiah (L to R)


  • Ewurafua Plange: An iOS Developer working with QodeHub as a National Service Personnel. Ewurafua interned with us in 2018 and was a part of our first batch of interns.
  • Kweku Li Diaw: A budding Social Media Executive working with us as a National Service Personnel. Kweku Li was a Digital Marketing intern in 2018 and was a part of the first batch of our internship programme.
  • Richmond Appiah: A 3rd-year Information System Science student at Regent University College of Science & Technology. Richmond interned with us as a Front-end Developer in 2019.
  • Pride Yaphama Mhango: A junior year Computer Science student at Ashesi University. Pride was a Digital Marketing intern with us in 2019.

How did you find our Internship?

Ewurafua: I came across a flier detailing the QodeHub Internship program on a WhatsApp group page I was a part of.

Kweku Li: A friend of mine mentioned it in a casual conversation and recommended that I apply for it.

Richmond: Someone recommended it to me. They told me it’s a nice idea to take part in an internship program and learn from the experience.

Pride: At the QodeHub booth at my school’s career fair. (I’m an Ashesi student)

What did you think of the application process? Especially the interview?

Ewurafua: The interview was pleasant and enjoyable, with questions on what interests I held and what pursuits I had in mind for the internship. I expressed my desire to do Mobile Development, which kick-started my iOS development journey.

Kweku Li: When I saw that there was a video submission as part of the application process, I smiled. If creativity is in the mix, I naturally go hard. The interview was way more fun and amazing than I thought it would be. Glad Melissa forgot to ask me to freestyle there.

Richmond: I hopped on the QodeHub website and read about the internship program, and I thought, “I want to try this, even though I’m not as confident in my skills. But what’s the worst that could happen? Get rejected? Life goes on.”

I applied and got the email for the interview. I arrived at the office for an interview with Melissa. She asked me questions about my skill set, & the programming languages I am familiar with since I applied for Front-end development. When I realized how things were going, I came clean. I explained to her I wasn’t that good, not yet anyway, but the main reason I still applied was that I wanted to learn and improve on my skills. QodeHub looked like the place to allow me that opportunity.

Pride: The application process was novel and challenging, but I later realized the importance of the challenges when I started interning with the company. The interview was exciting, very interactive and mentally challenging. It was an interview to remember because some questions have helped shape my reflection sessions. I got the confirmation that they had chosen me via email afterwards.

Your first day?

Ewurafua: The first day started with tension in the air; no one was talking, well except the few of us who were already schoolmates. However, after the orientation session with Melissa and a fun time of getting to know each other amidst games and hot seats, we loosened up. The relationship part was priceless as it opened up so much for us to talk about.

Kweku Li: I got there early. I didn’t want to risk being late on the very first day. I had a conversation with a lass who joined me minutes after I walked in, although I never saw her again after that. It was tense, but eventually, we all loosened up. Especially the guys.

Richmond: I was scared stiff and confused! I had never been in an internship before and this was my first, so you can imagine. But thinking through the whole day, the pressure left after Melissa took us through the orientation sessions and introduced us to the employees. They took their time with us and I learned so much from just interacting with people that day.

Pride: I was shy but also excited, I was looking forward to sitting in the office space. After Enam briefly introduced me to the team, the rest was history. Lunchtime was the best time of the day because that’s when I got to know several full-time employees and they were all fantastic.

What were your expectations?

Ewurafua: One expectation I had about the internship, just from observing QodeHub and how they handled the internship application process, was to be treated as an employee. For me, this meant I’d get projects from supervisors and be accountable for completing tasks.

Kweku Li: With my background as a Biological Sciences student, I wasn’t expecting heavy-duty stuff. But I knew just by how the company was, that we wouldn’t be running errands as we find in other internship stories. That much was clear.

Richmond: I honestly thought they’ll look down on me and just make me run errands and all those things we hear from internship stories around the nation. But none of that. The team accepted me, as well as all the other interns. That blew my mind.

Pride: The way the team & my supervisor treated me went beyond my expectations. I did not expect to be part of design sprints, work on live projects and write copy for upcoming client projects and even have interactions with customers (though it was one time). I thought I would always have to do some background repetitive work throughout. And I never felt for once that I wasn’t Ghanaian. I fit in perfectly!

Pride adds that even though he wasn’t Ghanaian, he fit in perfectly.

How did the internship program impact you, in your own words?

Ewurafua: I learned more stuff every day, both during work and outside of it. Career-wise, I can call myself a software engineer now, no cap. And that claim is backed by my confidence to build stuff for phones: that feeling is awesome.

Another thing it taught me is that more skills create more opportunities. More opportunities mean more responsibilities. The better you get at what you do, the more work you get. More work means more results and rewards.

Ewurafua won the Figma Hackathon with her team. They built an iOS prototype for their app FemChat

Kweku Li: I went back to school informed about a whole new world filled with tech and the rise to prominence of the digital age. My perspective of the world and the careers I could start considering, especially outside the trajectory of the course I was pursuing — Biological Science improved. QodeHub’s internship has played a very instrumental role in my life, both as a creative and a budding digital marketer, and there’s so much I am still learning. I’m grateful for a company that offers the opportunity for young people to unearth their talents and abilities.

Richmond: Aside from what we were doing at work, my view on things about life and decision making changed for the better. I also learned new things to help me deal with issues like time management as a student and finding a balance between school and extracurricular activities. One vital thing Patrick taught me is that programming is self-taught, so no matter the number of videos or content you consume, if you don’t practice, you’re wasting your time.

Pride: The internship opened my eyes to the vast opportunities a computer science degree can offer me and the importance of teamwork. I got to learn SEO, writing website copy, how to use Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads. I also learned a lot from the design sprints e.g. what designing a project involves, the stakeholders to consider, etc. Finally, it helped me understand and develop myself into a better person, both as an individual and a professional.

What were your memorable moments?

Ewurafua: Meeting new people, who were talented, exceptionally diverse and amazing at what they did was inspiring. It was a highlight for me.

Kweku Li: 2 words; Happy Hour.

Richmond: Happy Hour. I love playing games so the end of the week was always something I looked forward to. Anyone who will tell you they don’t like Happy Hour is a liar. Who doesn’t like games, food, music, and fun?

Richmond’s memorable moments during the internship.

Pride: On the last Friday of every month, there was an office party, and that was fun. Lunchtime conversations in the kitchen, and morning conversations with Eldad. Not forgetting one time I had to present my work to my supervisor Enam, that’s the day I learned what constructive criticism means.

What opportunities have opened up for you after the internship?

Ewurafua: The exposure from the internship program and the things I picked up not only fostered personal growth but also positioned me for various mobile development projects and competitions. It’s eye-opening when I look at the number of projects I’ve been on and the things I’ve accomplished since then.

Kweku Li: The first major thing that happened to me was landing my first major writing gig with ClickBrickTech a month after my internship. They paid to write articles centred on occurrences and interesting things happening in the tech industry and the digital world. I also started my music review blog, which has been interesting and fun. A lot more gigs have followed and led to meeting valuable people.

Kweku Li’s Music Review Blog — Cyan Music

Richmond: I can confidently say I understand stuff we study in school more. I have a fair idea about most things and for the projects we work on in school, I actively participate in them not only to get the marks but to test my skills and learn new things. When you’re aware of what you can do and do it, it boosts your confidence.

Pride: There haven’t been many opportunities.

Would you recommend an internship at QodeHub to anybody?

Ewurafua: Definitely, yeah!

Kweku Li: One hundred percent yes!

Richmond: Oh yes.

Pride: Most Definitely

Advice for interns?

Ewurafua: Stay focused and do your best.

Kweku Li: Learn a little. Play a little. Work a little.

Richmond: This opportunity is rare. So the best you can do is appreciate everything you learn and give it your best.

Pride: Read the material your supervisor or mentors give you before getting your hands dirty. Patience is a virtue.

Shoutouts session! Who do you want to shout out on the team?

Ewurafua: Shout outs to my main man Gaisie!

Kweku Li: Melissa! Enam! Akosua thee Bombshell!! Boyz ‘n the hood! Beautiful people!

Richmond: Richard! Because that guy is dope! Melissa. Seth — QodeHub’s strongest! And also Benjamin, Nana, and Patrick. Awesome people!

Pride: Enam, my supervisor, my rock, the dancer. Melissa, the only HR that doesn’t look like she is about to fire you. Eldad is one big cup of wisdom. Kweku Quakes, I know his chill is fake LOL.

Kweku Li Diaw, our intern turned National Service Personnel, compiled the conversation.

Join our amazing team today as an intern. Applications open later this April. Stay updated by keeping an eye on our Instagram.

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